Our history

The Centre was founded in 1943 by Mr. Alberto Villanueva Escamilla. At the beginning, the school was located at 31 Trafalgar Street and consisted of two single classrooms. In 1947 it moved to new premises in Avenue. del Puerto, where the church of Patriarca San José is now located. Later, in 1956, another move was made to the same Avenue. del Puerto nº 185, increasing the number of classrooms to three for boys and two for girls.

In 1970, the current location was built in street Rodrigo de Pertegás, nº 29, on a building destined exclusively for school, and Mr. Alberto Villanueva Mateo took over the management of the centre. Pre-school classes 3, 4 and 5 years old had one classroom per course and the courses from 1st to 8th grade of E.G.B. had two classrooms per year. The definitive classification of the school dates from 29th April 1976.

At present, the centre is made up of key stage one to key stage three, respectively, located in C/Rodrigo de Pertegás, 29. In the year 2000, due to the death of the previous headmaster, Mr. Alberto Villanueva Ahicart took over the post.

Our center
at present

Trafalgar School is located in the city centre Valencia, in a building destined for a school, on a rectangular plot of 750 m2, with an interior courtyard of the same shape, in front of the street Rodrigo de Pertegas, at the back and to the right there are houses and to the left there is are commercial premises belonging to the school, with an extension of 492.53 m2.

We are a free, non-denominational centre which offers itself to society to promote the integral education of the pupil, based on the principles, rights and duties granted by the Spanish Constitution.

The centre is subsidised at all levels, reception (3 to 5 years), Primary (6 to 12 years) and Secondary (13 to 14 years) by the ministry of education.

It does not discriminate between its pupils on the grounds of political or religious ideologies, limiting itself exclusively to developing and promoting their human formation, based on individual and social values.


Mission, vision and values


Provide an education service with criteria of excellence, in which all members contribute in training people educated in values, being competent and autonomous, so that they can look after themselves in a future society.


We are the benchmark of our students and families of the neighborhood. We are committed with the continuous training of teachers, the trilingual training of students and the application of new technologies at the service of education.


Our center, according to our mission and vision, develops a series of values and behaviors that creates its own culture and allows leaders to be evaluated.

Nuestro proyecto educativo

El Proyecto Educativo de un centro, es el documento fundamental de actuación. En él se recogen desde las metas educativas, el ideario, los Principios y Fines, la metodología y todos los planes y proyectos del centro.