Dining room

Service has been provided from October 1990 to present. The school dining room has become the most demanded service and used by families. From September 1990 to June 2008, the centre subcontacted an outsiude catering company. However, at present we have our own kitchen, providing quality service. The school dining room is managed by a leading company in the sector, Serunion Levante.

Psychopedagogical cabinet

The Psychopedagogical Cabinet of the College Trafalgar is a technical support service of the educational process to the students, involving the faculty, in its teaching action, the families in the right to information and participation and advising the direction of the centre. It is directed by Dª Edit Frati González, collected psychopedagogue with No. CV909 / 22597734, who has had this role since January 2017.


The extracurricular activities in the centre, suppose another challenge and more service, which we think essential for families. Families need to reconcile work with the school, so the Centre offers a range of activities from the time of the completion of school hours until 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Summer school

The Summer School Trafalgar, invites you to enjoy the world of sensations, where you will enjoy and experience with your 5 senses and that next to us, you will discover a lot of new sensations.

School insurance

The students of the College Trafalgar are covered by accident and civil liability insurance, both inside and outside the centre, when we perform extracurricular and / or complementary outputs. Medical services are provided by the Sorolla clinic, Sita in the Ginés musician Nº 8