Nuestro proyecto educativo

El Proyecto Educativo de un centro, es el documento fundamental de actuación. En él se recogen desde las metas educativas, el ideario, los Principios y Fines, la metodología y todos los planes y proyectos del centro. 

Educational Goals

Committed with our educational labour,
each year we propose to fulfill the
following educational goals.

Trafalgar school aims to develop, as an educational goal, the following objectives:

Create an optimal environment for the coexistence between parents, students and teachers.

Facilitate the participation of families in the teaching-learning process which provides a better knowledge of the students, in order to achieve a greater development of their abilities.

Ensure that students acquire and improve study habits, reflection, order, tidiness, cleanliness, punctuality, companionship, autonomy, teamwork, to take advantage of free time, etc…, so that throughout their lives they act autonomously, developing the possibilities of taking initiatives and establishing affective relationships.

Getting students to contribute actively in the defense, conservation, and improvement of the environment.

Getting students to improve their observation and research skills through appropriate activities and theraby acquire a critical spirit.

Getting students to know and take responsability for their duties and rights in order to create and live an environment of greater freedom, sincerity and justice, in accordance with our constitution and human rights.

To establish balanced and constructive relationships with people in known social situations, behave in a solidarity way, rejecting discrimination based on differences in sex, social class, beliefs, race and other individual, social and cultural characteristics.

To know and appreciate one´s own body and contribute to its development, adopting health and well-being habits and assessing the repercussions of certain behaviors on health and quality of life.

Training for peace, cooperation and solidarity among people.

Educational Ideology

Committed to our educational work,
each year we aim to accomplish the
following educational goals.

Under to the provision of Article 115 on the Organic Law of Education, the ownership of school has established its own character which, with respect to the rights guaranteed in the Constitution and in the laws to teachers, parents and students, is established in the following terms:

Trafalgar School will not discriminate among its students for reasons of political or religious ideologies, limiting itself exclusively to developing and promoting their human formation, based on individual, social and transcendental values.

Principles and goals

Know the principles and values that we have
present in any educational activity that
we carry out at Trafalgar School.

The educational activity of school will be developed according to the following principles:

  • Personalized education that promotes comprehensive education of knowledge, skills and ethical values to students in all areas of life.
  • The participation of parents or guardians to contribute to the best achievement of educational objectives.
  • The effective equality of rights between the sexes, the rejection of all kinds of discrimination and respect for all cultures.
  • The development of creative abilities and critical spirit.
  • The promotion of habits of democratic behavior.
  • The pedagogical autonomy of the centre within the limits established by law, as well as the research activity of the teaching staff based on their teaching practice.
  • Psychopedagogical attention and educational and professional guidance.
  • The active methodology that guarantees the participation of students in the teaching and learning processes.
  • The evaluation of the teaching and learning processes of the centre and of the different elements of the system.
  • The relationship with the social, economic and cultural environment.
  • Training in the respect and defense of the environment.

The educational system of the school is oriented to the achievement of the following purpuses:

  • The full development of the students personality.
  • Training in respect for fundamental rights and freedoms and in the exercise of tolerance and freedom, within the democratic principles of coexistence.
  • The training for the exercise of professional activities.
  • The acquisition of intellectual habits and work techniques, as well as scientific, technical, humanistic, historical and aesthetic knowledge.
  • Training in respect for the linguistic and cultural plurality of Spain.
  • The adequate preparation to be able to participate actively in social and cultural life.
  • Training for peace, cooperation and solidarity among people.

Trafalgar Methodology

Our methodology is based on an active,
planned and intentional intervention that
enables the necessary learning for any student.

Given that the Centre understands the school framework as a set of practices and activities that enable the intrinsic development of the individual and stimulates the process of incorporation of social, cultural, historical elements…, the proposed methodology will be based on an active, planned and intentional intervention that enables the necessary learning to live in society.

We don’t advocate any single method; we are in favour of the use of any method which, while respecting our students, promotes the maximum development of their capacities as individuals.

Our methodology will be guided by the following basic principles:

  • Establish a respectful, flexible learning environment, with student participation, which allows the continuous evaluation of the school organisation by any element of the teaching-learning process.
  • To start from the pupils’ previous knowledge, and to make a personalised assessment of this, always responding to diversity.
  • To try to integrate as much as possible the different areas of the curriculum, from a globalising approach.
  • Design motivating activities that contribute to a favourable attitude towards interesting, suggestive and meaningful learning.
  • Use strategies of exploration, discovery, activity planning and collective and individual reflection on the process.

School learning

The Centre is inclined towards inclusive learning,
using a variety of educational strategies and techniques.
Learning languages: Valencian, Spanish and English.

We use integrative learning, which promotes the use of different methods depending on the needs of the different moments at each stage, the different tasks and situations, the diversity of the pupils and the different types of groupings. Diverse strategies are used, thus avoiding the monotony generated by excessive repetition of the same techniques or processes.

Language of learning

Within the general objectives of the school which refer to the learning and use of languages as a vehicular and social medium, our priority is for pupils to be able to understand and produce oral and written messages in Valencian, Spanish and English, in different situations, in accordance with their needs and interests, as well as to be able to understand and produce simple oral and written messages.

From Infant Education we include the three languages with the aim of promoting comprehension and oral and written expression from a very early age.